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Welcome to our Live Camera Fish Tank Aquarium

Yes its is really a real live fish tank camera that’s streamed over the internet. You could call it Fish Tank Big Brother lol. Why not tune in to watch the live webcam freshwater aquarium to see our fish do there daily fishy things. You can also register on our site for free and post your news findings on our News Blog section.

Camera descriptions can be found here – Live Fish Camera Information

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live fish tank cameras

  • Fish Tank Live Temperature Chart

Temperature Last 7 Days

Current Fish Tank Temperature:

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Donate just £1 to help towards the running of our fish server and of course to feed our fishy friends. If you wish to donate that  little bit more we will buy a new fish to add to the tank “if of course enough room in the tank” and we will also name the fish after you in our Meet The Fish Team page.

All donations are welcome to help our live fish cam website keep running.

  • Fish Tank Timers

We have timers in place to help control the running of our fish tank aquarium.

Feeding Auto Timer Times:-7:00am and 6:30pm (Best times to watch)

Main Hood Lights  Timer:-

ON:-  6:00AM to 9:00AM and 17:00PM to 21:00PM

OFF:- 9:00AM to 17:00PM and 21:00PM to 6:00AM

  • Live Fish Tank Controls “You Can Control Via The Web”

Live fish tank controls is powered by iObridge. Click the iObridge logo to find out more

ioBridge web interface control device

Kermit The Frog: - Make the frog burp by turning on the air pump control button. (Stays active for 5mins before time out)

Mount Wannahawkaloogee (Ring of Fire):- Make the bubbles explode out of the top of the “volcano” by turning on the air pump control switch. (Stays active for 5mins before time out)

Night LED Light:– When the main fish tanks hood light goes of on the timer you will be able to turn a night light on for a short period using the light control switch. Also includes the Neon Blue Air Bubble Spotlight (Stays active for 5mins before time out)

  • Live Fish Tank Controls Charts

See what visitors have being doing with our live fish tank control buttons over the last 7 days.

Temperature Monitor Chart:– Allows you to visually see the live temporary monitor in our tank.

Night LED Light Chart:– This is how many times the LED night light has been turn on in the last 7 days by visitors.

Count of Frog Burps Chart:– This is how many times the frog has been made to burp by visitors in the last 7 days by visitors.

Mount Wannahawkaloogee Erupted Chart:– This is how many times Mount Wannahawkaloogee has been made to erupt by visitors in the last 7 days.

  • Watch Our Live Fish Tank Webcams Whilst Your On The Move

Why not download “Live Cams” from the iPhone App Store today and you can continue to watching our live fish tank cameras whilst your on the move. You can also access many other live webcam feeds for FREE!

You can locate our Live Fish Aquarium webcams under the “Animals” category.

Also some webcams are now available in HD quality using the “Live Cams HD” App for the  iPad

Please ensure you are aware of your fair data usage allowance from your mobile contract provider before streaming any video sources, including YouTube videos. Where possible always use a WIFI access point connection.

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